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    Ellis Island (c) unknown

    The long way to America

    WebQuest 8th form, English first foreign language

    Immigrating to the United States through Ellis Island at the
    beginning of the 20th century

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    1. Introduction

    Remember, remember always, that all of us... are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    The landing (c) unknown

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    2.The Task

    You will search the Internet for information about immigration to the USA through Ellis Island. You will use the information you learn to write four diary entries of an immigrant who has entered the USA through Ellis Island. The four diary entries will focus on four different aspects of the immigration process:

    • In your first diary entry, write about the reasons for which you want to emigrate to the USA. Why do you want to leave your country of origin? Why do you want to go to the USA?

    • In your second diary entry, write about your journey to America. What do you take with you? Do you go on your own? How do you travel there? Describe the atmosphere aboard the ship so that the reader of your diary entry can imagine what travelling aboard an overcrowded ship at the beginning of the 20th century was like.

    • In your third diary entry, describe your day on Ellis Island. What are the first things you see when you come to America? What happens after your arrival? Do the inspectors let you pass all the exams without problems? What do you see, hear and smell on your first day in America?

    • In your fourth diary entry, describe your first day as an immigrant in the USA. Do you stay in New York? Do you travel to another town? Do you already know where you are going to work? Are you going to see friends or relatives who live in the USA? Are you happy to be in America?

    • When you have finished your diary entries, we will discuss the results in class. You will choose the diary entries that will be shown in an exhibition. Write your diaries on a sheet of paper or with a word-processing-software like Open Office.

    You'll find all necessary links and information in the Process section.

    • Topic 3

      3./4.The Process / The Recources

      In this section you will find all sorts of material and information that will help you complete the tasks. Complete one task after the other.
      If you find it hard to remember and organize the amount of information you are given on the Internet pages, you might find it easier to answer the questions in the "HOW TO: Task 1-4" sections first. These questions will guide you to the most important information.

        help You don't understand a word? help

      In addition to the list of words you were given at the beginning, you can use a dictionary or you can use Online-Dictionary LEO. Just fill in the unkown word below.

      You can look up new words here:
      LEO - Link Everything Online

    • Topic 4


      Each of you will hand in the four diary entries, but only the best should be posted in the forum (Evaluation of the webquest ) below!
      They will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

      1. Do you have four complete diary entries?
      2. Is each diary entry focused on the aspects described in the Task section of this WebQuest, i.e. did you do what you were asked to do?
      3. Are the facts that you mention in your diary entries accurate?
      4. Are the facts presented in a logical and well-structured way?
      5. Language: Is the language you use grammatically correct? Do you use idiomatic expressions? Do you use some of the new words? Are your sentences complex and connected in a logical way?

    • Topic 5


      During the last few lessons, you have left your country and you have tried to immigrate to the USA. You have travelled across the Atlantic, you have seen New York Harbor with the Statue of Liberty and you have gone through the immigration procedures on Ellis Island. Now you know what immigration to the USA at the beginning of the 20th century was like.

      At Kommern you can learn a lot about this topic, especially about the early settlers and their lives. If you want to read some extra texts on this exhibition, you can use these links:

      But what about today's immigrants? Find out for yourself:

      Or read about illegal immigrants at the Mexican border: English G 2000 A4 pp.110-111.


      • Topic 6

        presentation7. Presentation

      • Topic 7

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